Thursday, November 26, 2009

Music That Moves You

So earlier this month I talked about Real Work and being told that making the music was the easy part and once the album was finished the real work would begin. I never truly knew what was meant by that until now, so here's another blogpost on it having moved from album creation to promo and show development - fun but hard work.

This week we met with choreographers to start to bring the music to life and give breath to what I have envisioned all along as the visuals to my songs.

It is extremely exciting for me personally because I am curious to see how a professional choreographer interprets my music into dance moves and how the music moves them.

At the same time we are also debating which song from the album we should be creating our first video for. I am leaning towards All Night Long but Not Stoppin', and Dream Your Life Away are contenders too. Maybe even This Life since it's so different from the others. I would love to hear from you... which do you think?

By the way, the photo is me being interviewed on the red carpet at the HMMAs last week. Totally unrelated to this post but just what else is going on!
Happy Thanksgiving and Peace,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My First Time

No, not that! I'm talking about Friday morning when I was headed over to the studio to work on show prep and a friend texted me and said 'hey you're on the radio!' San Diego's Star 94.1 played All Night Long from the Juggernaut album and then had listeners call in. They were the FIRST to play me on the air, and for a recording artist it's like, well, you know ;)

I texted my manager Grant who was already at the studio and grinning ear to ear when I got there. After two years of pulling something together like Juggernaut from nothing, it meant an awful lot to me getting AJ, Hula, Geena and Delana's feedback and hearing listeners call in saying they liked it.

I really took the the team's feedback to heart - AJ's right on the pan flute being in the intro, and hopefully he'll also like other album songs like Dream Your Life Away, This Life and Juggernaut that aren't about girls and clubs; I'm glad All Night Long brought Delana to her feet like I hope, say, CTTC (Cut To The Chase) will; Hula made me feel like I was on Oprah (how cool is that?); and Geena was right on about the intro that's already being reworked to be even more radio play friendly.

I'm headed to the HMMA awards in Hollywood this week for This Life and working hard pulling together my show to support the album - and feeling great thanks to my awesome fans writing to me from all over the world and now Star 94.1. Thanks guys!


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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fan Questions

A couple of conversations with fans lately made me think about things.

On the lighter side, I was asked today by a fan in Minnesota about the Juggernaut cover photo and what it means. Mostly it's just a play on the definition of the word 'Juggernaut' but some say it's Superman, and sure it's a play on that too. I welcome opinions cuz every one of them will be right! As for whether it's 'me' (ya, it's actually 100% me), the other way to answer this is that there's probably this hero character in all of us. But the photo for This Life, say, is probably just as much who I am.

Speaking of heroes, I was inspired by someone else yesterday, one of our nation's defenders who happens to be from San Diego, too, but is in New York now preparing to go to Afghanistan to help protect us here at home. He said to me "I'm under a lot of stress... but just like your song said 'so many questions inside, what do we do with this life'. Well I figured out what to do with this life and that's fight for this country." I don't know whether This Life will play much on the radio or in clubs like All Night Long, Not Stoppin' or CTTC, but his words are much greater reward. Keep safe, bro, and thanks for what YOU do.


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Monday, November 9, 2009

Real Work

For a recording artist, they say that the real work begins once the album is completed. Well I can tell you first hand this is no joke. Creating the album, although difficult in itself, seems easy now compared to everything else. I will admit every step is as exciting as the last and with every new achievement the momentum keeps building and building.

They also say “the calm comes before the storm”, and if this is the calm than there is a colossal storm coming. With the HMMAs this month on the heals of a great interview with DYSMD emag, and the launching of Krys Justice singles on online radio (Krys & Top Artists - Free Online Streaming Radio Channel) with growing fan support I'm truly honored by, I know it is the foreshadowing of much more to come.

And I know with the help of my management team at KJE, Inc. and all my amazing fans around the world Mr. Justice aka Juggernaut is up for the challenge. So stay tuned cause the show is just getting started.


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