Monday, November 9, 2009

Real Work

For a recording artist, they say that the real work begins once the album is completed. Well I can tell you first hand this is no joke. Creating the album, although difficult in itself, seems easy now compared to everything else. I will admit every step is as exciting as the last and with every new achievement the momentum keeps building and building.

They also say “the calm comes before the storm”, and if this is the calm than there is a colossal storm coming. With the HMMAs this month on the heals of a great interview with DYSMD emag, and the launching of Krys Justice singles on online radio (Krys & Top Artists - Free Online Streaming Radio Channel) with growing fan support I'm truly honored by, I know it is the foreshadowing of much more to come.

And I know with the help of my management team at KJE, Inc. and all my amazing fans around the world Mr. Justice aka Juggernaut is up for the challenge. So stay tuned cause the show is just getting started.


Check out Krys Justice website.

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