Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Death of Auto-Tune?

In this age of instant gratification, it seems artists have become lazier and lazier when it comes to honing their craft. In rap, instead of developing a unique style or sound they quickly use plug-ins to enhance vocals. Now don’t get me wrong, even though my singing doesn't happen to need pitch correction (This Life is about as raw as it gets), I'll still use it myself for what I hope is a subtle artistic effect, like in All Night Long. But I believe in doing it in a tasteful manner to enhance my style and not have it become my style.

If you’re not sure what I am referring to Auto-Tune is a program now widely used in studios since Cher first did in 1998. You might know it as the "T-Pain sound". Ever since his explosion onto the scene with I’m in love With a Stripper, everyone and their mom is using Auto-Tune to make an “instant hit”. But has it all gone too far?

Well, mogul rapper Jay-Z seems to think so with his new track D.O.A (Death of Autotune). But what’s interesting to me about this track is that who helped produce it is Kanye West, an artist that just made his entire album using Auto-Tune. Now I see no problem with an artist expanding their craft and pushing the limits, but at least they should stay consistent with their messages.

Anyway, I’d love to hear your feedback so hit me up. Until then I’m not stoppin til it gets poppin, ya’ll.


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