Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer Flew But JUGGERNAUT Coming!

Wow, where'd the summer go? Fortunately the beach never really goes away when you live in San Diego, if I can only find time for it! August was pretty much focused on finishing out the Juggernaut album and this week I'm working with the guys at Capricorn Studios who do a great job with the final mixing and getting the levels right. Can't wait to have the album launched!

I'm also jazzed about an interview I did with DYSMD.TV emagazine that's out today. How cool is a "digizine"? I'd met up with Tania Hormozi from the magazine in the lobby of the Hyatt last month and she had the fun challenge of trying to distill an hour long interview into about 500 words! Check out page 26 for yours truly: http://www.dysmd.tv/mag/sept2009/index.html. And check out the whole magazine for what's going down in Daygo, there are some great articles about cool people making the scene happen!


Check out Krys Justice website.

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