Thursday, February 25, 2010

#1 & #38 Songs, Choreo, First Show... Gettin busy!

With my album out and songs doing well on Starfleet charts a lot has happened in the last few weeks. Cut To The Chase hit #1 with more than 4,000 club and mixshow DJs worldwide, All Night Long just moved up to #38 on the Top 40 Indie Urban R&B chart and I've been hearing from so many great people in so many countries through Jango (mentioned my last post). And through it all, I’ve been focusing on my upcoming performances and choreography. The whole process of getting a show together is pretty interesting (and intense!), so I want to share this experience and keep ya’ll updated!

My choreographer, Darkie, is an awesome artist who created Dark Edge dance company. He’s created original routines for me and my back-up dancers for songs including All Night Long, Cut To The Chase and Not Stoppin’. I’ve been humbled to see how much practice and endurance it takes to learn these moves! Practices can last 3+ hours and sometimes we’re there past midnight… But, it’s making me get in even better shape which is great for my endurance to be able to sing and dance well at the same time. In all, this process has really made me respect performing artists more than I ever did before. I’m seeing first-hand the physical, mental and emotional energy that goes into performances that’s so easy to take for granted. It’s fun, but draining for sure!

I love how pairing the visual and audio aspects make the music more real, and seeing the visual interpretation that Darkie brings to my music makes it more than just a song…it makes it possible for me to really try and share through a live performance all that I hoped the song might be when I wrote it.

My first show is March 5th in San Clemente (details below). While the larger show continues to come together, since fans have been asking we decided to go with a smaller venue for an initial performance of a few of my songs from the Juggernaut album with the rest of my team - Dark Edge dancers and DJ Noel, San Diego’s hottest.

Ok well this was a long one, but I’m glad to be keepin’ you in the know about how the whole process is going!

By the way, if you haven’t been to free Jango online radio yet, check it out, it’s kewl!


Show Details:
Krys Justice Live
March 5, 2010
9pm, 21+
OC Tavern
2369 South El Camino Real
San Clemente, CA

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