Friday, March 26, 2010

Create Music or Blog About it? Let's Talk About It at Anthology

Create music or blog about it? Well, my being honored this week by becoming a Best in Entertainment Finalist at the InfluenceSD Awards on April 7th has made me think about the balance. I guess the question is more the choice we all make every day about doing stuff or talking about the stuff we’re doing. In my case, you probably see the irony here that I’m talking about the talking about, ha!

For an artist like me, it’s always a challenge. On the one hand, I love to make and share my music, and everything that goes with that. And there’s always a ton to do! But on the other, I love to talk to my fans that want to know about it and me. So I have to strike a balance, and it isn’t always easy.

From the very beginning though, I knew that if all I did was create music but no one knew about it then there wouldn’t be much point. So embracing social media has been critical, and in this age is critical for any new artist. For me, this means this very blog you’re reading, talking with fans on Jango, MySpace and other social media platforms, doing media interviews whenever I can, and of course being on Facebook and Twitter what feels like constantly. None of this creates music or is even performing it that are the things I love most. But I also love hearing from fans how they connect with Dream Your Life Away or This Life in a very personal way, or how All Night Long gets them pumped for a night out. And I wouldn’t know any of that without a two way dialogue.

I’m really excited about performing the pre-show for the 2010 InfluenceSD Awards at Anthology. The InfluenceSD organizers are great people with great vision pulling together a great night recognizing the very best in the region’s social media. Recent performers at this awesome venue include Michael BublĂ© last month, Natalie Cole, Melissa Etheridge, Jason Mraz, Kevin Rossdale, Sara Bareilles, Alanis Morissette and so many others I’ll be honored to join as Anthology performers. With me will be my great team of DJ Noel, SoCal’s hottest I’m honored to have support me, and my awesome Dark Edge dancers Lora and Siino led by my amazing choreographer, Darkie Simmons. Red carpet arrivals start at 6:15pm and I should be on around 7pm performing Juggernaut album tracks including Dream Your Life Away and This Life that I think really fit the night. If you haven’t got your tickets better get ‘em now since they’re nearly selling out at time of writing.

To finish up, for all those who think they know San Diego here’s a shot from a couple weeks ago to see if you can figure out where it was taken. Tell me if you know, and tell me how you find balance in your life between what you do, and talking about what you do. Let’s keep it a two way dialogue!


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